Untitled by Sunita Lamba

Untitled by Sunita Lamba

TVA Incluse

Sculpture 2020 

Price & Dimentions on request




Creativity is inherent in nature. None of the forms that we see would have emerged had nature not been creative. There is an inherent partnership between life and nature with both supporting each other to sustain the creative process. Having been initiated into the creative process right from my childhood, as my family encouraged such indulgences on the part of its children, I developed into an artist in my own right.


It wasn't professionalism but part of our cultural ethos. There was no declaring in our family as modern living advanced all around us. We were confronting modernity but growing in our own environment. It was indeed growth, as one would call it in the true sense. And then there were parks, gardens and river banks around us in that part of India which is now Pakistan. We were truly rooted in our environment that was not yet a concrete jungle. There was fresh and invigorating air in small or big towns and human warmth among the people. This warmth stays with me till date as I care for my ageing mother.


The lyrical forms I create in my sculptures are in essence children of nature. Hence, emotional warmth is inherent to them. They are abstracted but not isolated from their natural or human environment. They are the product of it, created through my aesthetic sensibilities which are groomed in a congenial family and social environment.


But these were merely the beginnings. My subsequent brush with the art world educated me in the lyrical and emotive aspects of art, both in printing and sculpture. My learning was of course silent on the course of my creative life. I came to believe that no art is good enough, if does not possess a lyrical quality, and if it fails to touch our emotions. Both colour and the thematic content , as I discovered, tended to create the emotive side of an art work, a phenomenon that linked the artist, the art work and the viewer towards whom the message was projected. Hence, my paintings become sensitive use of colour to create their aesthetic appeal, an appeal that has its emotional content.


In my sculptures, the basics of line and mass go into creating both a warm human quality that weaves rhythm into the word's poetics and makes it appeal to the viewer's aesthetic sense, a communication that completes the third arm of the triangle in the artist, work and viewer relationship. Needless to say that these humanistic qualities of my works have brought rich dividends over the years during which I have been exhibiting. And my winning a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in the year has encouraged me to create works that are related to our earth and our environment from a humanistic view, which was my approach earlier.


Besides this, I have a penchant for working in different media, metal, digital painting and so on. This has widened my views and enhanced my palette.