Noguchi the Japanese American Artist by Nick Lee

Noguchi the Japanese American Artist by Nick Lee

TVA Incluse

Noguchi the Japanese American Artist 2021

Nick Lee

8 x 10 inches

Oil on Canvas

  • Bio

    Nick Lee (b. 1996)  is a painter and full time student at Kent State University in the United States. Lee is based in Kent, Ohio. He is underway in getting a BFA in painting. Lee has shown work in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Emmitsburg, Maryland, North Canton, Ohio, Kent, Ohio, and the Canton Art Museum. He has multiple printed publications in Kent State Magazines such as UHURU and Luna Negra. 

  • Statement

    The body of work is painted with oils, and the scale of the work consists of small and large-scale figurative paintings, specifically portraiture, on panel and canvas. This body of work explores the idea of using traditionally unrepresented people as the subject, throughout the history of Western art production. Additionally, these paintings seek to represent the minorities that have been diminished in traditional history of portraiture. The subjects in these works are all minorities like the artist, Nick Lee who is Japanese American. These paintings depict people of color to reflect the diverse world we live in. There is an important need for representation for the youth learning about art to see themselves. This body of work wants to give better representation for people of color. People of color have been misrepresented in art history and these paintings can start a conversation of inclusion.