Marita No.7 by Peggy Stahnke

Marita No.7 by Peggy Stahnke

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Limited run print, with certificate of authenticity.

50 x 61.7 cm (External dimensions: 73.9 x 85.6 cm)

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    In my work, I look at how different life can be and in what shapes it appears. I question pictures of body ideals. In my eyes, true beauty lies within the fracture of the seemingly perfect. I want to explore those fractures. The vulnerability they present appears to be the most significant human element to me. The analogue photo series »Marita« shows an intimate representation of the topic of breast cancer concerning a single person and my view as a photographer. We met again and again us and got to know each other. With photography, I preserve the shared experiences on film my camera. In my work, I discuss the disease as a state of life. Something that is a part of life. I am not only looking at a story of suffering, but also at the story of overcoming and accepting infirmity. It also means pride, thanks, sorrow, but also confidence. »Marita« doesn't only represent one individuals suffering, but the destiny of a broad group of women. Women who have breast cancer no longer comply with the ideal condition defined by society. My work attacks the idea of physical perfection as the goal for human beings. Basically, the disease itself points at the inaccessibility of perfection. The amputation shows an inadequacy caused by social Conventions emerge. The sickness becomes a label one cannot shake off. The affected women differ from the social norm. The series »Marita« represents the challenge clearly to meet an expectation. We all have a body that is very individual. Everyone has their own characters, their own traces, their own story. We all unite the transience of human bodies with one another