Expansion by Aishling Muller

Expansion by Aishling Muller


Expansion 2021

Aishling Muller

Digital Print / Visual Art

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  • Statement

    Aishling Muller is a photographer and lens based media artist based in Co. Westmeath, Ireland. Rooted in a documentary sensibility, Aishling creates an expanded narrative to explore the relationship between the conscious and unconscious self.


    Aishling's practice is concerned with development and growth on both individual and collective levels. By exploring these universal themes through her own personal experiences, being vulnerable and visible, Aishling's photographic and installation works aim to engage the audience by presenting a platform for connection and self-exploration.


    She visually explores outer landscapes as well as her rich inner experience, often working within nature, merging herself into the scene reflecting unseen worlds. Most recently Aishling has examined the conscious and unconscious through use of fictional characters and self portraiture set in natural landscapes. She subverts her training as a documentary photographer through intuitive, spontaneous image making. She is currently exploring how to introduce narrative into her work, creating a balance between structure and play.

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