Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by Camino Casabella

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by Camino Casabella


Artist name: Camino Casabella

Artwork name: "Ellen Johnson Sirleaf"

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 50x50 cm.

Year: 2020

Price on request


This is my homage to a series of ordinary women doing extraordinary things every day.

I decided to put them at the forefront, because women were fundamental in the past, and they are key for the present and the future.

The list of these women is diverse and endless. Beautiful people like Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks or Jo Cox, among many others.

Their resistance facing repressive attitudes is an example of a persistent and empowered feminism that we don't see often, but it arrived to stay.

My purpose is to put in the spotlight the stories of the life and the career of these women; all of them want to work to contribute to society, and they tackle great challenges in order to overcome them.

They are women paving the way for more women to work in professions traditionally dominated by men. Pioneer women, who break gender stereotypes, and take on leadership roles. Women helping other women to reach their goals. Women and girls who raise their voice for their rights and fight for them.

Sometimes, they experienced negative reactions from some detractors. But for each one of them, there are a thousand people who are glad to see where the world is going for women.

Nowhere in the planet women have as many opportunities as men. Currently, there are 130 million girls out of school all over the world. Globally, the pay gap between men and women is approximately 23%. Women are underrepresented in national parliaments in most countries, since only 23% of parliamentarians in the world are women.

It was about time that their voice was heard, and that we started a movement for justice for all women and girls around the world.

This project is for all of them.

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